The Leading Change Collaborative

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Integrating the work

As an organization development practice, we focus on building capacity and capability

by aligning people with strategy, structure and process.


We offer experienced counsel earned from years of working with boards, executive teams, management, staff, and stakeholders. Each in their own evolution through growing pains, dysfunction and transition toward alignment and success. We have seasoned experience in bringing groups of all kinds together, driving toward resolution and building common value and meaning.


Together, we have the deep knowledge of management systems, operational deployment, design thinking, facilitative processes and behavioral science to help you break out of the silos created in organizations and engage in a cross-disciplinary inquiry to foster integration and deliver results.

Building capacity

to lead

making sense of change

We work with leaders, managers and teams in the classroom and in the workplace building a repertoire of skills and understanding for navigating today’s dilemmas.


We blend training and coaching – providing models immediately applicable to the daily work of leaders, a foundational knowledge base that increases with practice and practical application, targeted to individual and team skill building. At the same time, we are always working with you on the climate, communication and leadership habits that ensure

learning stays alive, current and relevant in daily work.

leadership development

customized curriculum


At its essence, change is about people. People changing how they work, how they interact, how they think. People grappling with choices and making sense of what often seems incoherent.


At the core of our approach is the insistence that change does not have to be traumatic.

We help to accelerate change – and minimize its negative impacts – by blending people knowledge with strategy and deployment knowledge. We work at the people level, enabling leaders to effect change by building a culture and psychological climate conducive to change. We organize, sort and facilitate the change conversation, supporting you in creating meaningful strategies that are coherent, focused

and workable in day-to-day operations.


The ultimate goal: a fundamental shift in the way leaders approach and experience change in their organizations, a shift that combines results with greater ease and innovation.