The Leading Change Collaborative

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Under one umbrella

Dianne Dickerson

Dianne’s expertise is a blend of process improvement, leadership development and communication with a more recent addition of self-managing teams, including Holacracy ®.  Her Lean consulting practice began over 20 years ago and she spent several years leading successful Lean transformations in clinic and hospital settings. Over the course of her career she has served as a consultant for DeltaPoint, Joan Wellman & Associates and Conversant. Dianne serves as a facilitator, trainer, consultant and coach. She is a reliable sponsor of connection, integration and evolution and thrives on helping individuals and teams collaborate to produce stellar results.

Susan Smallidge

Susan’s contribution is a body of work in leadership development, strategy faciliation and program design spanning 20 years. Her leadership and service curriculum have been delivered to thousands of executives, health care providers, managers and teams. She has worked extensively supporting organizations to successfully embed major change initiatives into the fabric of their culture, delivering gains in both customer and staff engagement. Susan spends much of her time in front of a room as a speaker and educator, bringing a lively and lighthearted perspective to engage audiences from scientists and engineers to front line staff.


Susan Burgess

Susan brings over 25 years of experience in assisting clients in all aspects of organizational development; enhancing individual performance, increasing leadership capacity, fostering collaboration. She worked for DeltaPoint, Conversant, and The Leading Element, LLC consulting firms before joining the Leading Change Collaborative.  A large part of her practice is focused on working with non-profit organizations.  Trained in Susan Kenny Stevens, Lifecycles Model, Susan partners with non-profit leaders and stakeholders to increase their ability to provide much needed services in their communities.


Actually, it’s not about us.


It’s about you, because the measure of our success is that you’re better for our having been around.


Whether the project is large or small, our eye is on what happens after we leave you – making sure that we’ve helped you build the capacity, the skills, the alignment to be successful beyond the scope of our work together.


A wealth of organizational and leader development, strategy and operational implementation expertise

Bringing our expertise together

Because 1+1+1 = more

This truly is a case of the whole as greater than the sum of its parts.  As independent practitioners, we have each developed a body of work and experience along with a loyal and closely connected client base. While our contributions individually have been significant and meaningful, by joining forces and combining our skills the outcomes can be exponential.


We’ve created the Leading Change Collaborative to increase our capacity to serve our clients, to offer more depth and breadth of service, and to enable us to take on more extensive change projects with reliability and ease. You can now tap our combined experience in one place, pulling on the precise skill you need with seamless project integration. Don’t suppose that means you’ll find us all in the same brick and mortar office. In the model of a collaborative we work virtually, our own demonstration of the changing nature of teams and partnership. Like you, we’re exploring the power of adaptation – changing our way of working for the better.