The Leading Change Collaborative

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Bringing our expertise together

We help organizations build capacity in their leadership and in the organization to scale,

to align strategy with operations, to adapt and evolve to meet the demands of the future.


Embedding change initiatives in the culture

Leadership development and curriculum

Capacity building for non-profits and mid-sized business

Strategy facilitation and deployment

Organization development counsel

We're transforming too.

We've blended three firms into one to serve you with more capacity, more tools and more impact.

Transformation comes in many shapes & sizes

Our work spans large, enterprise-wide iniatives

to one-on-one coaching.

Perspectives on work and change

Writing, ideas, and perspectives on what it looks like to lead through change.

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The Leading Change Collaborative

Because 1+1+1 = more

OD Consulting  |  Leader Development  |  Strategy Alignment

The Leading Change Collaborative | Seattle, WA

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What’s the common thread in what we do?


We believe that people find value and meaning in what they create for themselves.


Said another way, people change or engage with the solutions they uncover for themselves more strongly than than they do with an off-the-shelf answer from a consultant.


What we do well is help you discover and put into motion the leadership, strategy and execution that is the unique, relevant and lasting response for your organization and your people.


The collaborative:

Susan Burgess

Dianne Dickerson

Susan Smallidge

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